Since 1999, Peak Sport and Spine has provided superior therapy outcomes to Missouri residents and athletes.
Around 15 years ago, the first Sport and Spine Rehab clinic was founded in central-Missouri. In 2014 the company merged with Peak Performance Physical Therapy to form the name you know today. Currently, Peak Sport and Spine has grown to have around 25 clinics across the state of Missouri.

I had the opportunity to talk with Clinic Director, Jennifer Epperson, Sports Medicine Director, Christine Ginter, and the majority of the staff to learn about the fantastic work that they do right here in Moberly.
If you are unfamiliar with the company, Peak Sport and Spine focus is on people with post-surgical rehabilitation, work injury prevention and recovery services.

“We offer outpatient physical therapy for pretty much any bodily injury that you can have – hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists and toes,” said Epperson.

Besides assisting their clients, they can also help employers during the hiring process by provide post-employment screenings. This service assists employers to select candidates that are physically able to perform for a specific function.

When a student is injured on the football field or during a basketball game, Peak staff members are one of the first medical professionals to come in contact with students. Not only do they assist a student with their injuries, but they can work as a liaison between the coaches, parents and the doctors ensuring that the best medical care is being provided for the student. The staff are also at the schools daily doing a lot of work behind-the-scenes.

“We are there for practice prep and game prep, whether that includes taping, treatments, stretching and whatever they need for a game that day,” said Ginter.

Peak’s understands that every treatment program is different.
“[We] try to give every patient an individualized treatment program as opposed to a cookie-cutter treatment based on their diagnosis,” said Epperson.

Additionally, their care for their patients is more than just helping them recover.
“Most of us are from Moberly or this area and we are very much invested in this community and the care that we provide,” stated Ginter.

Epperson continued, “The environment in here is very friendly. All of our patients get to know one another and encourage one another. It is not like your typical healthcare office.”

The staff agreed that being able to see the entire process that a patient goes through from injury to physical therapy and then recovery is enjoyable. Having everything out of one office makes the road to recovery easier for the patients.

Outside of the professional atmosphere of their office, the team at Peak Sport and Spine enjoys that Moberly is growing, but maintains that friendly small-town charm.

Epperson’s advice to someone interested in opening a business in Randolph County is simple: word of mouth and revisiting connections made with potential clients is crucial for business success.
It is no doubt that Peak Sport and Spine has made numerous connections here in Moberly to have their business be where it is at today.

Peak Sport and Spine

2100 Silva Lane Suite B

Moberly, MO 65270660-263-6223

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