Sam’s Health Mart Pharmacies – Moberly, Missouri

When most customers first walk into Sam’s Health Mart Pharmacies, they expect to see a normal pharmacy, but there’s so much more than meets the eye.
I had the opportunity to sit down with current owners Christian and Kimmy Tadrus and his father Sam Tadrus to discuss their company and experience that they provide here in Moberly.

Sam and his wife, Francie Tadrus founded the business back in 1974. Fast forward to forty-years they have built a legacy that they are very proud to maintain. Christian and Kimmy are the second-generation of owners with two stores located in Moberly and one located in Fayette that provide a multitude of options.
“Our primary focuses are prescription related services, medical equipment supplies and ear and hearing consultation services,” says Tadrus.
One unique aspect to their business is that they provide a synchronization service for prescriptions. A patient only has to come into the store once a month for their prescriptions. This convenience saves time and ensures that a patient doesn’t run out of an important medication. Additionally, this service nearly eliminates the wait time for the patient.
Sam’s also provides order automation.
“When you use our web refill app or telephone system or just go to our website, the system can auto process that [information] and most of the time, it’s kicking out of our robotics before you get up from your computer chair or hang up the phone” explains Tadrus. While this system improves efficiency, a pharmacist still checks all the information to ensure accuracy.

Other services include convenience pass-time packaging, servicing of area long-term care facilities, sit down medication reviews, health education, working with employers to address health needs of their employees, providing walk-in immunizations and helping patients understand Medicare Part D plans. Along with their free delivery service, Sam’s also offers hearing tests, medical equipment, wigs and supports.
When asked why they think Moberly is a good fit for their company, Tadrus replied, “You get to know people in these communities on a personal basis. That helps those of us in the healthcare field create a more meaningful relationship. We can be better caregivers because we are much more connected.”

After our interview I received a tour around their Highway 24 facility and met Pharmacist-in-Charge, Annie Rogers. Tadrus then convinced me to get my ears checked by Rob Clardy, Hearing Instrument Specialist, which was an interesting, first-time experience for me. I was a little nervous about what we were about to see inside my ear, but it was a very positive experience. Rob discovered that I an unusual bone growing in my ear canal. This was nothing to be alarmed by, but just good to be aware of.
The Tadrus family sees their investment in Randolph and Howard counties as part of a larger picture.
“Just because we have a business here, doesn’t mean our life is all about the business. We care about the community, which is why we volunteer our time,” Tadrus said. “We feel fortunate that our business has been successful enough that we can give back to the community through participation or various causes and partnerships that we have built over the years. And, we’re are looking forward in continuing to expand that.”

Highway 24 Location530 E. 24 Hwy Moberly, MO 65270660-263-6710
Morley Street Location 300 N. Morley Moberly, MO 65270660-263-0909
Church Street Location300 N. Church St. Fayette, MO 65248660-248-2275