What you might not know is that in Clark, Missouri, a tiny town just South of Moberly is a beautiful two-story home that serves as a residential and addiction recovery center for Primrose Hill Teen Challenge.
The Chamber drew this organization for our September member spotlight. I had the opportunity to tour their facility and talk with Center Director, Susie Baier about their organization.

For some background knowledge Primrose Hill is under Adult and Teen Challenge USA which is a Christian Recovery Center with locations all over the world. This organization helps adults, teens and families be free from addiction incorporating Christian values into the recovery program.

Primrose Hill is a women’s and children’s recovery center that opened its doors in 2014. This 12-month program is one of the few centers where children can stay with their mother during recovery with absolutely no cost to them. The women and children are, also, supervised 24/7.
Baier explained more about the program,“The main portion of the program is Monday through Friday from 8:00 – 4:00. In the mornings the ladies go to class where they work on addiction recovery curriculum. In the afternoons they go to work therapy.”
Their work therapy includes making soaps, body scrubs and lip balms called Prim Goods. These goods are then sold online and at various events.

Besides learning work ethic by making Prim Goods, these women learn social skills, parenting classes, relationship skills and discipleship. They even have the opportunity to earn a GED while recovering at Primrose Hill.
The recovery process can include women learning basic skills, “A lot of our ladies haven’t ever cooked before and we assign a cook that rotates once a month,” said Baier.
This is just one example of how Primrose Hill teaches life-long skills that some of the women may not have had the chance to learn. Currently, the facility has 10 women in the program, six children stay full-time and four children are there part-time. Three interns that have graduated from the program also live on site.

Something very exciting that has happened recently was the purchase of a trailer which will be remodeled within the next few months to accommodate their interns. The trailer will allow them to add two more women in the house.
When women are in the program long enough they have the opportunity to earn privileges like selling Prim Goods at an event, visiting family and going shopping. After I was done interviewing Baier, she gave me a tour of the facility where I saw the kids at the daycare, the living room, kitchen and the bedrooms. As we walked around she said how the majority of furniture in the house was donated.
This facility is very impressive, not only is everything beautiful, but the work that they do for women and children is remarkable.
“We really get to see life change [in these women]. In conversation towards the end of their program talking about their outlook on life or looking at their intake photo they are a completely different person and it is all God,” said Baier about what she is most proud of.

If you or someone you know is interested in this program it is recommended to find more information on their website that is linked below or give them a call at 573-641-5047
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