In today’s society there is a tremendous stigma about nursing homes and assisted living care facilities, but that mentality would be completely changed by anyone that walks through the doors of Ravenwood Terrace. I had the opportunity to sit down with Administrator Mary Neustifter, RN/LNHA to talk about their wonderful facility here in Randolph County.

Ravenwood Terrace is out at Ravenwood Drive on the South side of Moberly. Built in 1991 the facility was originally known as Moberly Residential Care Center. In 1999, Neustifter was hired and the idea of a name change was tossed around. Management of Americare, the owners of the facility, approved this idea. Interestingly enough, the name came from a vote from the residents.

Today the facility has 41 rooms, 25 in assisting living and 16 in their memory care.“All the rooms have their own bath, an outside window, a big double closet, cable and phone access,” said Neustifter.

The facility, also, takes care of all medication administration and oversight, housekeeping, laundry, meals and an enriched activity program that promotes wellness in 7 areas of health. They focus on physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental and vocational.
Ravenwood Terrace prides itself on residents having the opportunity to make their own choices. They can control their rooms temperature, determine what activities they would like to participate in and choose each meal.
Their meal program includes daily specials, but each resident is given a menu where they can choose from more options if they want something different. Our meal program is called “May I take your order”, which means if the resident does not choose the main entrée of the day, they may order off the menu.
When it comes to their activities the residents have other opportunities to get outside of the facility and into the community at local farms, the 4th Street Theatre, the Randolph County Historical Society and Amish country, along with many other trips around the area.

Additionally, they execute monthly health assessment summaries on each patient to see is anything has changed with the resident. Neustifter stated how they watch the patients each and every day which makes them able to see when something isn’t right. Compared to a Doctor who might see their patients every few months. This helps with minor issues before they could become major health issues.

Besides fulfilling the basic needs of these residents, they also host some great events throughout the year. One being the 4th of July BBQ and Party. This event is their largest annual family event where they have a cookout, kettle corn, live entertainment and a fireworks display. This event is on July 6th and will start around 7:30 p.m.

If someone is interested in learning more about Ravenwood Terrance Neustifter says to visit unannounced.

“My recommendations are to just pop in anywhere no matter where you are looking. See what it [the facility] looks like, look at the residents, talk to them, visit with them [and] talk to the staff,” she said. Neustifter continued by saying if someone is seriously looking at assisted living scheduling an appointment with the Administrator might be a better option to discuss further details.

Neustifter is most proud of the impact she and her staff have the opportunity to make. “We make a difference in our seniors lives every day,” she exclaimed, “All of my staff know that they are touching the lives of each individual and putting a smile on their face,” she said.

Ravenwood Terrace’s motto is, “Find Yourself in a Happier Place.” I believe that the residents there have done exactly that.

Address: 1830 Ravenwood Drive Moberly, MO 65270

Phone: (660) 372-8609

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